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Thank you for visiting my new website. (And thanks to Emily Wolfram for her beautiful work putting it together.) Here you'll find videos and photos, an engagement calendar, and occasional long-winded rants about whatever topics (usually musical) that I've been thinking about lately. If something here inspires you to want to get in touch, please do so through the contact page.



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As a white guy from Montana, nobody is looking to me for guidance on racial issues, and for good reason: there are aspects of life in America that I will never fully understand because I will never di

It's certainly been true for me: month two really has gone faster than month one. I wasn't expecting to make it through a second month of watching the Met Opera streams every night, but it's actually

This has nothing to do with music. With ESPN desperate for programming, they've been showing a documentary about Michael Jordan and the 90s Chicago Bulls. Jordan has never really left the cultural rad